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About Us

We are now stocking a range of spare parts for the service and maintenance of most makes and models of vacuum packaging machines.

Next day delivery throughout Ireland on orders placed before 2pm. For more information and prices please contact us.... or click here to get a printable "Quote Form" which you can fax or post to us.

  • Teflon coating, repairs and machining to heater and sealing plates
  • Shaped rod element heater manufacture
  • Air bellow manufacturer
  • Die and cutting sets, refurbished or new manufacture
  • Plattens, inserts, radius plates - manufactured
  • Machine overhauls, modifications, service
  • Busch vacuum pump - rebuilds - service - parts
  • Used re-manufactured Multivac type machines. Vacuum/gas flush
  • Used re-manufactured or new chamber machines. Vacuum/gas flush
  • Compatible parts for Multivac type machinery including sealing gaskets

Examples of replacement parts for thermo forming machines:

  • Sealing gaskets
  • Silicon rubber profiles
  • Heaters and thermocouples
  • Silicon flexes
  • Cutting blades
  • Temperature controllers, vacuum gauges & transducers
  • Gripper chains, drive units and motor-gearbox assemblies
  • Pneumatic cylinders and valves
  • Vacuum valves

For vacuum chamber machines we keep a good stock of consumables and spares like:

  • Teflon tape
  • Sealing and cutting wires in different shapes and dimensions
  • Hood seals in tubular silicone 1 food quality neoprene 1 pre-formed solids in round square or DEE profile
  • Landing pads
  • Hood springs & gas strut
  • Air bellows
  • Lift pistons
  • Transformers
  • Vacuum gauges
  • Oil and air filters, air exhaust filters

Thermoforming Machines.
A comprehensive range of compatible replacement parts are available for Multivac, Tiromat, Dixie Union, Lacovac, Hajek, Costa and many others. These include Sealing gaskets, Silicon rubber profiles, heaters, thermocouples, silicon flexes, cutting blades, temperature controllers, vacuum gauges & transducers, gripper chains, drive units, motor-gearbox assemblies, cylinders, vacuum valves, etc virtually all compatible parts are available along with excellent savings on OEM PRICES!

By sourcing parts directly from the manufacturer we can offer quality parts at premium prices. All our parts are manufactured to OE Specification and hold ISO9002 quality approval.

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